Waiting for the Weekend


It isn’t often that I treat myself to a self-imposed three-day weekend. But since I feel like I got gypped in July, by working during the nice weather, I am taking full advantage of the forecast for the next few days. Soon the fall will roll around and days at the beach, by the pool and in the sun will slip away. Even though it feels like August just began (which it did last Friday), next week is already the middle of the month, and although I’m excited that the Hampton Classic Horse Show is now a mere 17 days away, it also means we all need to hurry up and get in one last hoorah (vacation or staycation, anyone?). I know my August is turning out to be much busier than I had planned and trying to squeeze in some time away has proven difficult.

In an effort to delay summer’s departure, and feel like I soaked up its full effects, perhaps I could devote the remaining weekends solely to resting, rejuvenating and relaxing. But even that regimen might not provide the respite I seek. Before I know it, Sunday evening would arrive and I’d be gearing up for another hectic workweek.

There might be a solution to this quandary. I read a great post this past week on Camille Styles’ blog about looking forward to Mondays. It was just what I needed to help me shift my perspective. I have always dreaded the day, which begins with the “tyranny of the inbox.” My strategy has been to insert some fun activity, like yoga, mid-week to make the remaining days more palatable until the weekend arrives.

But how about this approach: Rather than simply trying to cram everything into two days, why not incorporate weekend activities into the week? Granted, I won’t be at the beach on a workday, but adding something enjoyable, like lunch with a friend, to my stale Monday routine may be the perfect solution to dull the reality that I only have four precious summer weekends left. Since I don’t want the summer to go any faster, I am making a conscious effort to improve the way I start my week.

Happy Friday!



  1. I totally agree! Last night I made plans with a great friend to have a glass of wine and some ‘girl-talk’ after work while the kids played, before it was time for their bed routine. Fitting this weekend-like activity into the work week helped a lot, it felt like a nice treat and it wasnt even the weekend yet.

    Christina, Esq
    ps- added your link to my blog list on my home page 🙂

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