Thyroid Thursday

Thyroid Cancer - Get a Neck Check

Image Courtesy of ThyCa

Can you believe this is the last full week of September? It is also the last week of Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month! I’m glad there is a month devoted to the ninth most common cancer (according to ThyCa, 62,980 people in the United States will be diagnosed in 2014)- but awareness should take place every day. It’s important to know the signs of a thyroid problem and have your neck checked regularly. Symptoms include a lump or fullness in the neck, difficulty breathing or swallowing, or changes in your voice. While most thyroid nodules are benign, your doctor should check them.

I am forever indebted to my doctor who took the extra time and performed a neck check. Had it not been for his thoroughness, I don’t know when I would have known about my thyroid cancer. I also must stress the importance of finding a good endocrinologist, one who will listen to you and answer your questions thoughtfully.

If you know someone battling thyroid cancer, offer to bring them food, make a meal for them, or just go and visit with them. Although they may look fine, thyroid cancer, like other cancers, leaves an emotional scar.

For further information, please visit the Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association (

Stay strong thyroid warriors!


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