Designing with Modani

Designing with Modani

After a long day, what could be better than coming home to a well designed space? A furniture company that offers quality pieces at affordable prices, of course! When I began browsing Modani’s modern furniture website, I instantly felt that I had been missing out. Why do I have none of their pieces in my house? Their sleek furniture can complement any room — or perhaps it’s time for a complete makeover. Modani features Minimalist, Contemporary, Baroque, and Zen collections. You can easily find a style that suits your taste, or have fun mixing and matching pieces from all of their lines.

Modani’s Minimalist and Contemporary collections utilize bright white and bold black leather couches and chairs. Pair these items with an over-sized mirror and textured rug and your living room will look modern and elegant.

If you love old-world charm and long for a palatial palace, then the Baroque Collection is for you. Majestic elements from it can serve as focal points for a large room. Not sure you can commit to such a royal line? These pieces blend nicely with Modani’s contemporary focus and you can pair a Baroque chair with items from their other offerings.

For my living room concept I wanted a modern feel with a twist. The black Enzo armchair from the Baroque Collection was my inspiration, but the space needed to feel current and cozy. I opted for the clean lines of the White Phantom Sofa, and I used the Lina Safari Rug as a neutral statement to tie the light and dark color scheme together. The Solaris mirror, which is both glamorous and functional, gives the room an edgy feel. For the accessories, I went with silver décor to match the modern style, and I used the Winston Floor Lamp and the Suitcases (which double as storage!) to give a vintage vibe.

Designing a room can be a big undertaking, but to simplify the process, Modani offers decorative furniture packages for those who need help selecting their pieces. Tell them which collection suits you and they will do the rest of the design work for you. If you prefer to browse their collections from your own home, a convenient virtual tour feature on their website allows customers to look at their showrooms. I toured their New York City location online and was impressed with the array of styling ideas they offered their customers.

Since I am still working on redesigning my home office, learning more about Modani’s collections comes at the right time. My office is almost finished, but I have been searching for a chair that will be comfortable and complete the classic look I seek. Modani’s Hudson High Back Office Chair is the perfect choice. This will be the finishing touch my office needs!


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