Holiday Décor

Holiday Decor

Even though there are officially ten more days until the start of winter, I feel like it has arrived on Long Island (so, you don’t mind if I declare it winter already, do you?). I have seen snowflakes, driven through a mini-blizzard, spent precious time in the morning freeing my car of snow, and had to break out my hardcore winter coat. So yes, my friends, winter is here. Is it too early to begin the countdown to summer?

This past week, after vacillating daily about whether or not to put a tree up this year, I decided that it just wouldn’t be the holidays without one. In my adult life, I have been putting up a tree for the last six holiday seasons. And while I don’t enjoy the physical aspect of going to select a tree (I always pick the coldest, rainiest, or snowiest days!), I do enjoy the smell of a real tree and the ornaments, some of which are from my childhood. Spending a day listening to random songs on my Ipod while first layering the lights and garland, and then moving on to the ornaments is always enjoyable.

Now that the tree is up, I hope I will feel inspired to start my holiday shopping. Still have ladies, gentlemen and co-workers on your list who are present-less? Well, I’ve curated a few gift guides to help you out!

Happy Friday!



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