Winter Wonders

One of the things I miss about the summer, aside from the weather, of course, is the fiery sunsets. The tones in the cooler months tend to be more muted, giving way to light pinks and pale oranges. Quite a contrast from some of the more dramatic palettes I captured months earlier. But I am learning to love a different kind of beauty found in cloud formations, snow blanketing the ground, cold morning fog on the water and the reflection of sun glistening through naked trees.

Happy Friday!

Fog in Port Jefferson Harbor - Danfords Hotel and Marina

{Morning fog in Port Jefferson Harbor}

Traveling to Lake Placid, New York

{En route to Lake Placid, New York}

Connetquot State Park

{A quiet trail in Connetquot State Park}

Heckscher Park - Huntington, New York

{Late afternoon stroll through Heckscher Park}

Winter Sunset

{Winter Sunset}



    1. They actually DO allow horses! I used to ride through the park when I kept my horse in a backyard barn. It’s very well kept and makes for a peaceful ride.

      Have a great weekend!


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