The Friday Five

Goodbye, winter. Hello, spring (even if it does feel like winter is still lingering in the shadows). After suffering with back pain for the last week, I sure am glad to have two days off and no plans. Here’s to spending the next 48 hours away from my computer, somewhat off social media, and most likely on the couch with a heating pad, binge-watching shows from the week. It sounds like an ideal weekend, if you ask me.

La Boulange


Long Island Spring

{Hello, spring!}

Spring Starbucks Cups

{My latest obsession: the spring cups from Starbucks}


{A cozy dinner by the fire}

Chocolate Mousse Cake

{The most #instaworthy cake there ever was}

Snow Day

Well, the snow day on Long Island turned out to be a bust for the most part. Our predicted 12-24 inches of snow that had been forecasted, was more like three inches of snow with another inch or two of sleet. But that doesn’t mean it was a great day by any means. The morning brought high winds while the evening offered some light snow showers before the storm continued up the coast. All in all, it was a good day to stay in and cozy up!

Snow Storm Prep

{Preparations for winter storm Stella}

Who What Wear at Target

{Browsing (and buying) the Who What Wear collection at Target—before the storm}


{Some mat time}

View from My Office Window

{The snowy view from my office window}

The Calm After the Storm

{The calm after the storm}

Instagram Moments

My wait for the weekend is almost over. In just a few hours now, I will be catching up on sleep, reading the new book I checked out from the library, and enjoying two whole days of relaxation.

The last few weeks have been stressful, as I’ve waited for test results and answers. It may seem like I am always waiting for results. That’s because I am. In the upcoming weeks I will be going for a radioactive iodine uptake scan to see what might be causing my antithyroglobulin levels to rise. Should you hear the Imagine Dragons song, “Radioactive” playing on the radio, please think of me!

In the meantime, cheers to the (much needed) weekend!


{Story of my life//Image via @sweatpantsandcoffee}


{Exhibit: A}


{First sign of spring on Long Island}

Weekend Workout

{Gearing up for another weekend workout}


{Bold blooms to brighten the work week}

The Friday Countdown

Anyone else feel like this was the longest short week ever? I do! I swear, I thought it was Friday about three times mid-week. Well, today it actually is Friday…so I’m in luck. I spent most of this week feeling like I had an emotional hangover, which I am happy to say may be subsiding. From beginning the week with a slight misunderstanding with a good friend to finishing up the week by getting orders for further testing from my surgeon’s office, the weekend is looking up.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Central Park

{Signs of spring in Central Park}

Boxing Gloves

{Back to boxing}


{At a local mall: I’ll take a Tesla with my Tourneau}


{Yoga in my new Abercrombie sweater}

Shrimp Caesar Salad

{A healthy lunch—Caesar salad with grilled shrimp}

Friday Feels

I have never been happier to see Friday in…my…life. Although this week had its high points (like enjoying almost spring-like weather some days and celebrating my three-year blogiversary), having to take a day off mid-week and spend its entirety at my surgeon’s office took a lot out of me. Oh, and did I mention that I walked to and from Penn Station to my Upper East Side appointment (that’s roughly 5 miles round-trip, thank you very much)? I saved myself $5.50 in subway fare (even more by not taking a cab), burned calories, and enjoyed the sights and sounds of the City. I also treated myself to coffee at Gregory’s, my favorite NYC coffee shop. Needless to say, I have earned my upcoming three-day weekend, for which I have no plans and am very happy to have time to rest (and so are my legs).

Here’s a little recap of life lately as seen through Instagram:


{Target Finds}


{Reasons why doing a sugar detox in February is a bad idea}

Weill Cornell

{How I spend a day on the Upper East Side}

Gregory's Coffee

{Had to stop in for a coffee at Gregory’s}


{Ending the week with a beautiful sunset}

The Weekend Recap: Wellness Edition

I hope you all had a restful weekend! I had a great day in New York City on Saturday—the weather was ideal for walking around, and I learned a ton from my time at The Ash Center. Overall, the Thyroid Yoga Functional Nutrition Intensive was a game-changer for me. I will share a full review with you on the blog soon.

Here’s a quick weekend recap:

Gym & Tonic Water Bottle

{When your new Nordstrom Rack water bottle matches your yoga mat}

Work Hard Get it Done Pens

{Office supplies from Home Goods}

The Ash Center, New York City

{A beautiful view at The Ash Center}

Juice Press

{My first Juice Press smoothie}

Times Square, New York City

{A stroll through Times Square on the way to Penn Station}

Rest, Relaxation…and a Recap

I hope you are all enjoying the long weekend. Today I’m sharing a quick Instagram recap (you can follow me at @livinginsteil). See you back here on Wednesday!

Tumbler from Nordstrom Rack

{Looking forward to using my new tumbler from the Nordstrom Rack}

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Hearts

{Snacking while I work}

New Workout Pants

{New workout pants for the win!}


{The right way to serve a cannoli}

Saturday Snow

{Some unexpected accumulation on a Saturday}

A Productive Start to the New Year

Don’t you just love the first week of the new year when you are your most productive self? I know I do. While my goals are still fresh, the start of a new year helps me also feel rejuvenated. Last week, I was my most productive self—both at home and at work. All of the things that I had been putting off doing, wanting to do, or needing to do, came together. And thanks to a sudden snow storm this past weekend, I had almost two full days at home to ensure I checked off everything on my to do list.

Sunrise Photography

{Saw my first sunrise of 2017}

Christmas Tree

{Said goodbye to my Christmas tree}


{Returned to my weekly kickboxing class}


{Found time to practice my calligraphy}


{Survived the first real snowfall of the season }

Christmas in the City

New York Public Library

{Patience and Fortitude at the New York Public Library}

On Monday, I finally crossed something off of my December agenda when I braved the crowds and visited the tree at Rockefeller Center, the New York Public Library, and saw store windows that were decorated for the holidays.

Since a lot of people were off on Monday, and the trains were running at an off-peak rate, the hour-and-a-half trek into the City was standing-room-only. Ironically, given how busy the trains were, the City seemed to be operating at its normal hustle-and-bustle.

City Views

{City Views}

The overcast sky gave way to intermittent drizzle and light mist, but the rain mostly held off and the mild temps (47 degrees) made walking many miles around the City comfortable. Of course, no stop in the City would be complete for me without visiting at least one university — in this case, two. I hit both the bookstores at New York University and Columbia University — just because it makes me feel like a college student again.

Gregorys Coffee

{Coffee at Gregorys}


{A quick stop at Marimekko}

After walking around lower Manhattan (and finding my way into a Marrimekko store), it was time for a well-deserved (and needed) coffee. I stopped at Gregorys Coffee, which I highly recommend for your morning cup of Joe. The reasonably priced coffee, coupled with the cozy lounge feel, made it a win in my book (it was so good that I later grabbed a second cup at a different location).

Ice Skating at Rockefeller Plaza

{Ice skating at Rockefeller Plaza}

Rockefeller Center

{Rockefeller Center views}

The Tree at Rockefeller Center

{The tree at Rockefeller Center}

This year, I got one of the best views of the tree at Rockefeller Center I have ever had (last year, thanks to SantaCon, all I could get was a brief glimpse as crowds of people ushered me along).

Saks Fifth Avenue Holiday Window

{Saks Fifth Avenue holiday window}

I enjoyed walking past the store windows, seeing the New York Public Library at night with Patience and Fortitude in their holiday attire, and making a brief stop in Times Square, where the ball is ready to make its debut in just under a week.

Horses in NYC

{Horses in Times Square}

I’m so glad that I was able to close out the year with one last trip into the City and that I got to see all of the beautiful sights of the season.

Here are a few other glimpses of my day in the City:

Pastries at Eataly

{Delicious pastries at Eataly}

Max Brenner Chocolate

{Max Brenner Chocolate Bar}

The Tree at Radio City Music Hall

{The tree at Radio City Music Hall}

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed some downtime afterwards. I’ll be back here on Friday with my last post of 2016, where I will share some highlights and reflect on the year gone by.

Procrastination, Presents, and Podcasts

It is probably fair to say that I am one of the last people to get moving on their holiday shopping (the perils of having a 9-to-5 job!). Yes, I will be doing as much shopping as one person can humanly do today — so think of me as you likely have your presents all wrapped under the tree and are spending your Friday resting up before the big weekend.

Recently, I had the pleasure of participating in my very first podcast with Ashley Jefferson from Post UnderGrad Life. The podcast is now live on iTunes (you can find it by searching “Post UnderGrad Life”) or you can listen to it here on SoundCloud. If you have free time this holiday weekend, download it to hear me talk about my career path, offer career advice to recent graduates, and share my top three tips that have helped me navigate postgraduate life.

Merry Christmas and happy holiday weekend! I’ll be taking Monday off, but will be back with new content on Wednesday.

Christmas Tree Envy

{Christmas tree envy}

Trader Joe's Snowman Cake

{A cute holiday cake from Trader Joe’s}

Cozy Fire at Honu

{Staying toasty over dinner at Honu}

Plaid Shirt from Gap

{My expression when I realized my new Gap shirt matched my Starbucks cup}

Red Nails from OPI

{Red nails from OPI}