Capturing California

What’s not to love about California? I had the most amazing time in Los Angeles and San Francisco. The weather was perfect (but a little cooler than I would have liked in San Francisco!), the beaches were beautiful and there was no shortage of incredible places to dine. I think it’s fair to say that I am obsessed with the lifestyle in California. Everyone seems relaxed and happy — I would be too, with bright, sunny days to look forward to practically year-round. But don’t worry. For those of you stuck in colder climates I will be sharing plenty more about my West Coast getaway, including places to see and helpful tips for planning a trip of your own. So stay tuned!

Happy Friday!

Yoga at Runyon Canyon

{Yoga at Runyon Canyon}

Manhattan Beach, CA

{Taking in the scenery at Manhattan Beach}


{What is…touring Jeopardy}

Elephant Seals

{Stopped to see the elephant seals en route to San Francisco}


{The original Ghirardelli shop – Ghirardelli Square, San Francisco}


{Spent Easter at Alcatraz}

San Francisco Cable Car

{Hopped on a San Francisco cable car}

Pacific Coast Highway

{Made a friend along the Pacific Coast Highway}

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