On the Hunt in My Hometown

Honu Kitchen & Cocktails

When Eventbrite, a global marketplace for events, told me that they had a project called Hometown Hunt, showcasing the best places to visit for entertainment, I knew I had to write about a real “hunt” — that is, Huntington, New York. It is my old hometown, but also still a place that is near and dear to my heart. Whenever I crave a great restaurant, want to go to a concert, or need an afternoon of retail therapy, Huntington is my one-stop shop. I am not alone in thinking this. Day or night, Huntington Village never sleeps, with lots of events for singles and families alike.

One of my favorite spots is Honu Kitchen & Cocktails. A friend introduced me to the establishment years ago, and in no time it earned a permanent spot on my list of best places to dine. It’s location is ideal, right across from The Paramount for those inclined to do dinner and a concert, and it has just the right ambiance to make every meal feel elegant and special.

Paramount, Huntington, NY

Whether you are looking for a place to have a casual evening with friends or you need to host a more elaborate dinner, Honu has you covered. If the weather is nice, enjoy your meal seated next to picturesque windows that retract to bring the outside in (and offer a great vantage point for people-watching!) or just go ahead and dine al fresco entirely. For larger formal affairs, take a seat in one of their over-sized booths or head upstairs to the second floor. From wherever you are seated, don’t forget to admire the beautiful chandeliers down the center of the main dining area.

Honu Kitchen & Cocktails

Honu Kitchen & Cocktails

And now, for the reason we all go out to eat…the food. I think Honu has one of the best menus. It’s simple yet satisfying. Start off with one of their specialty cocktails — the coconut martini is a good choice. Then make your way over to the menu. Their wide range of appetizers and entrées will keep your mouth watering and your mind second-guessing your decision. Whatever you choose, you will be pleased. My favorite is their half-pound cheddar burger with applewood smoked bacon. I’m not sure if it’s the burger or the presentation of fries in a mini deep fry basket that keeps me ordering it every time I stop in, but both are delicious.

Coconut Martini - Honu Kitchen & Cocktails

Cheddar Burger - Honu Kitchen & Cocktails

If by chance you have room for dessert after a decadent meal, then go ahead and check out Honu’s tasty assortment of treats. I had a chocolate cake on one of my visits that was simply too much for this choc-o-holic to handle…and that’s saying a mouthful! Should you get off unscathed by the dessert menu but are still in the mood for something sweet, Herrell’s Ice Cream is the ultimate destination. Located right across from the movie theatre, this Huntington treasure is a must if you crave ice cream and want a plethora of flavors (they have over 200!). If it’s summertime, you can be sure that I am cooling off after a long beach day with some delicious ice cream in their shop. Whatever flavor is for you, it will be at Herrell’s. Feel free to create something unique with one of many delectable toppings. My guilty pleasure is their peanut butter paradise, which has chunks of broken peanut butter cups.

Herrell's Ice Cream

After dessert, take a stroll around the Village and browse some of the quaint boutiques. It’s home to LOFT as well as local stores such as Vine & Roses. And if you’re lucky, maybe there will even be an event at Heckscher Park while you are there!

Huntington is such a vibrant town. It has an energy and excitement that are palpable and it always offers lots to do. Visit Eventbrite’s site to see what fun events are coming up and go try something new! Eventbrite is also a great place to check out if you’re looking to organize or sell tickets to an event.



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