A Stroll Through Nature

Target Rock Wildlife Preserve

I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend and feel ready to tackle the (short!) week ahead. I have to admit, the last few weeks have not been the best for me. I’ve felt anxious, overwhelmed, and just not like myself lately. So, when a friend suggested taking some time out to get lost in a nature preserve for a while I was all ears.

Target Rock Wildlife Preserve

I’ve talked about Target Rock National Wildlife Refuge on the blog before, but if you live on Long Island, you should check it out. The preserve is one of my favorites to stroll through. It’s so peaceful to walk along the trails, take a rest at one of the benches or overlooks, and eventually make your way down to the beach.

Target Rock Wildlife Preserve

Target Rock Wildlife Preserve

On this day in particular, it was just what I needed. The sounds of nature were calming — we came across lots of chipmunks crossing our path, and the oppressive heat seemed to melt away once we were under the cover of the trees. By the time we made it down to the beach, it was much cooler and there was a slight breeze. I brought a towel along with me so that I could take a nap by the water — and that was just what I did.

A warm summer-like day, the sound of the waves against the rocks, and the company of a good friend made this a very relaxing journey.

Where do you find peace when you need to unwind?



  1. I was absolutely dying over your gorgeous Snap and Instagram images of your weekend. It looks like it was so perfect on Long Island over the weekend and that you were able to take a much needed escape into nature.

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