3 Things to do on Long Island for the Fourth of July


Long Island boasts a lot of attractions, especially in the summer. Whether you’re a local or just visiting for the weekend, here are a few things you might want to add to your itinerary for the upcoming Fourth of July weekend:

1. Grucci Fireworks: With plenty of dates and places to see the spectacle, Grucci shows are wonderful. Be sure to check the full schedule of events!

2. Have a picnic at Coindre Hall: A great place to visit with your four-legged canine friend, this huge park sits on the water in Huntington, next to Gold Star Batalion Beach. If you start feeling restless, head up the block to Knutson Marine and rent a stand-up paddle board from Huntington Stand Up Paddle. From there, make the trek (it’s totally worth it) out to the Huntington Lighthouse.

3. Enjoy a BBQ: Grilling not your thing? No problem. Long Island has plenty of good burger joints to keep you satisfied. Should you find yourself in Nassau County (which isn’t too far from NYC), head to Dirty Burger in Plainview or GM Burger Bar in Rockville Centre.

What do you have planned for the Fourth?



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