Becoming a Bibliophile

Becoming a Bibliophile

Am I the only person on the planet sans library card? I admit, the last time I made use of the library was when I was a college student. And before that, most of my visits to my local public library usually revolved around a school trip or research project.

Nowadays with technology there are so many ways to read — be it on your Nook, iPad, or audio books. Places like Borders and Barnes & Noble have closed many a store due to lower sales and skyrocketing rent prices. But there is a tactile element to reading that I just can’t ignore. While it’s great to be able to read on multiple devices and platforms, I miss the feeling you get when you hold a good old fashioned book in your hands. The smell of the paper as you turn each page and the sense of accomplishment you get from reading cover to cover can’t be replicated on an iPad.

To make good on my goal of reading more, today is the day — the day that I get my very first library card since childhood (at the tender age of 29, in case I need to remind you). I am looking forward to embarking on a whole new genre to me — fiction. If there are books on your summer reading list that you can recommend, I’m all ears!

How do you like to read? Do you utilize your local public library or download books onto your device?

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  1. My son and I makes trips to the public library often. There is just something to he said for browsing and flipping through actual books. It is second best to an actual bookstore for myself. I do have a Kindle and Nook, but I will never part with the smell and feel of books.

    1. Now that I got a library card, I realize what I’ve been missing out on over the years! I completely agree with you about the tranquil quality of books. It’s so relaxing to browse the library and I am so excited when I find a new book to take home and read.

    1. I completely agree with you, Kathrine! I just finished the book I took out earlier in the week (with my new library card!), and I forgot how relaxing it could be to curl up with a good book!

  2. I don’t have a library card either, and like you, haven’t stepped foot in a library since college. BUT since our new home has a library literally 1 block away from us, I’m thinking now would be a great time to start going again. I spend so so so much money on books, that becoming a library member would be the financially responsible thing to do.

    — Dara //

    1. I can relate, Dara! I like to buy my books, too, but like you, I have a library about a block away — and now that I have a library card, I’ve been enjoying making use of it!

  3. I love my Kindle so much. I got it for my birthday last year. I’m subscribed to Kindle Unlimited for $10/month. It’s the best thing ever. It’s so easy to travel with and I take it with my everywhere. I have the paperwhite edition so I can’t check my email or play games. But I like that because there’s distractions!

    1. I completely agree, Annessa! I’ve been making good use of my library card since I got it earlier in the week. One book down, and I just checked out another today!

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