Thoughts on the Weekend

Ah, another weekend is upon us. Like the end of every week, I can’t wait until Friday at 5 pm. There is something about having two days where I don’t have to set an alarm, make my lunch, and rush out the door that excites me. If you are like me and are always running 15 minutes late in the morning, you need to check out this article about the seven habits of punctual women (I’ve only adopted two of them, so I have some work to do).

For me, this weekend is all about getting back into shape (we’ll see how my back feels about that!). I plan to return to kickboxing for the first time in almost a month. After that, I will probably be unable to do much of anything…except relax.

Here’s hoping you have a restful weekend!


{Rise and Shine!}


{More signs of spring}

Can't Adult Today

{Target, you know me so well}


{A perfect flower}

Monday Mantra: The Art of Tidying Up

Weekend Plans

Although I never read Marie Kondo’s book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” my experience this past weekend was an eye-opener. You never realize how much stuff you have until you go through your home room-by-room and begin to declutter. That’s exactly what I started to do over the weekend, and boy, was it a chore. As if my back didn’t already hurt after a long work week, spending an entire Sunday “tidying up” surely did it no favors.

But I learned an important lesson in the process—I have a lot of (unnecessary) stuff. As I went through clothing I haven’t worn in years, old textbooks from college, and assorted possessions that I had long forgotten about, I thought of Kondo’s book—and how I need to read it so I can simplify my belongings.

While I don’t consider myself a pack-rat by any means, certain articles of clothing have hung around for longer than they should have because they reminded me of a certain time in my life. As I began to go through a dresser filled with things I haven’t worn in years, it made me realize that I could probably learn a thing or two from Kondo’s book.

I am happy to report that after a full day of straightening out, I have made progress in the organizational department. But now I’m left wondering where my weekend went?

*Photo via @letterfolk

The Friday Countdown

Anyone else feel like this was the longest short week ever? I do! I swear, I thought it was Friday about three times mid-week. Well, today it actually is Friday…so I’m in luck. I spent most of this week feeling like I had an emotional hangover, which I am happy to say may be subsiding. From beginning the week with a slight misunderstanding with a good friend to finishing up the week by getting orders for further testing from my surgeon’s office, the weekend is looking up.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Central Park

{Signs of spring in Central Park}

Boxing Gloves

{Back to boxing}


{At a local mall: I’ll take a Tesla with my Tourneau}


{Yoga in my new Abercrombie sweater}

Shrimp Caesar Salad

{A healthy lunch—Caesar salad with grilled shrimp}

Friday Feels

I have never been happier to see Friday in…my…life. Although this week had its high points (like enjoying almost spring-like weather some days and celebrating my three-year blogiversary), having to take a day off mid-week and spend its entirety at my surgeon’s office took a lot out of me. Oh, and did I mention that I walked to and from Penn Station to my Upper East Side appointment (that’s roughly 5 miles round-trip, thank you very much)? I saved myself $5.50 in subway fare (even more by not taking a cab), burned calories, and enjoyed the sights and sounds of the City. I also treated myself to coffee at Gregory’s, my favorite NYC coffee shop. Needless to say, I have earned my upcoming three-day weekend, for which I have no plans and am very happy to have time to rest (and so are my legs).

Here’s a little recap of life lately as seen through Instagram:


{Target Finds}


{Reasons why doing a sugar detox in February is a bad idea}

Weill Cornell

{How I spend a day on the Upper East Side}

Gregory's Coffee

{Had to stop in for a coffee at Gregory’s}


{Ending the week with a beautiful sunset}

Memories from the Weekend

This weekend went by in the blink of an eye (don’t they always?). I love the holiday season, so once December hits I am in full-on holiday mode. I usually wait until the middle of the month to go and pick out a Christmas tree, but this year I decided to get a head start on the process, so I would have more time to enjoy it (nothing beats that fresh tree smell).

But when a friend mentioned a holiday historic house tour in Huntington, the town where I grew up, decorating the tree took a back seat. I was completely unaware that such a tour even took place, but for $40 you can view a variety of homes that are decked out for the holidays. From historic properties with original details from the 1800’s to homes that looked like they were straight out of the HGTV show, “You Live in What?,” the tour made for a memorable day that will get you in the holiday spirit.

Christmas Tree

{Christmas tree shopping}


{Holiday Poinsettia}

Santa Snow

{I’m with you on that, Santa! #nosnow}

2016 Holiday Historic House Tour

{One of the homes on the 2016 Holiday Historic House Tour}



Cheers to the Weekend!

This week came and went, and I’m having a hard time believing we will soon be welcoming July. Summer feels like it is flying by right before my eyes. Aside from a minor setback with my anxiety (and my goals to eat less sugar, as evidenced in my Instagram recap below), this week was uneventful — albeit the usual busyness still ensued. I’m hoping to take some calmness with me into the weekend and spend as much time outdoors as I can. Cheers, friends. I hope you all have a great weekend!

Chocolate Chip Cookies

{Seriously chocolately chocolate chip cookies}


{Backyard Blooms}

LOFT Sunglasses

{New sunnies from LOFT coming to the blog soon!}

Fish and Chips

{Fish and Chips at the Post Office Cafe}

Chocolate Peanut Butter Dessert

{Can’t forget to leave room for dessert}

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Monday Mantra: Be Happy, It’s Monday

Happy Monday

I never thought I would be so happy to see a Monday in my life. But when you’ve spent the weekend feeling less than 100% (and Googling every obscure ailment that pops into your anxiety-ridden mind), 9 am on Monday morning, when your doctor and his staff are back in, starts to look good.

So today, forgive me for not having insightful words of wisdom to share as I nurse myself back to health.

I hope the start of your week is a happy one!

I’d love to hear how your weekend was?