Floral Friday

Old Navy Floral Dress

Old Navy Floral Dress

One trend that I’ve been loving for Spring is the floral print. While I may have been a late bloomer adopting prints, I am now obsessed with bold and colorful patterns.

Old Navy Floral Dress

On a recent lunchtime outing (those trips are dangerous, I tell you!), I stopped at Old Navy. The excursion was more for my friend and co-worker who wanted to check out the clearance section for her children, than for me. But of course, I did what I do best and “browsed” the store. Almost immediately I found an array of cute sundresses, and all bets were off. In my head I had already decided that I needed a dress for the Hampton Classic (which isn’t until August, mind you), but had rationalized the purchase by picking one that would work for my upcoming trip to California.

Old Navy Floral Dress

Old Navy Floral Dress

Old Navy Floral Dress

Since trying something on is not my style, I proudly paraded my new love around the store in four different colors until I decided on which one to buy. I chose the while floral dress because it screamed Spring to me, I own practically nothing in white, and it will be classic (and probably get filthy) at the Hampton Classic. Once I managed to try the dress on at home, I was very pleased with my purchase. It will work for countless brunches, day trips, and fancy horse shows…now I just need a hat to complete the look.

Editor’s note: A big thank you to Teresa, my unofficial photographer for the day, who agreed to my crazy idea of having a photo shoot on the beach…in 46 degree weather!



  1. Super cute dress! You look very sweet in it. I know I want one. Dress weather is (sadly) already here and will go on until October.
    Off to Cali with you soon! You’ll look awesome here !!

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