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What I’ve Bought Lately

What I've Bought Lately

I vaguely recall posting something a few months ago about trying to save more money…perhaps by spending less? But when it comes to beauty items that I can’t live without, all bets are off. So when I ran out of my beloved Stila foundation over the weekend (thanks to the pretty new packaging that makes it hard to tell when you are running low), I had to make an “emergency” trip to Ulta.

While I was there, I couldn’t help but pick up another tube of L’Oreal’s Voluminous Mascara (if you haven’t tried this yet, it is seriously amazing!). The creamy formula will give you the longest, thickest lashes of your life. You can thank me later!

And since I finally figured out how to properly get that soft-wavy look with a curling iron (thanks to this post), the Triple Sec 3-in-1 texturizing spray from Dry Bar was a must (and came highly recommended by the salon at Ulta). I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, but here’s hoping that for the price, it works magic.

If we can change the subject for a minute, I must tell you about the lace-up flats from Old Navy. I saw them in the store about a week ago and decided while waiting on the checkout line that I didn’t really need them. Fast-forward one week, and I had major #FOMO, so I returned and scooped them up on sale. Now, all is right in the world and I am looking forward to sporting these blue beauties.

What have you purchased recently?

April Buys

April Buys

After a beautiful Sunday that hit nearly 60 degrees, my spring game is feeling strong. I’m sure we will have a few more cold spells this month that will delay my off-the-shoulder dreams (I’m ready to scoop up that blue striped Mossimo number any day now), so in the meantime I’ve rounded up a few other pieces that will work for the unsteady April days ahead.

Over the weekend, I scored the floral workout leggings (seen above) from Old Navy after seeing a girl in my kickboxing class wearing them. I loved the print, and when she said that they were only $16, I knew where my next stop later that day would be. While at Old Navy, I spotted the field jacket (also seen above) and will definitely be returning for that piece. It will be ideal for the chilly mornings—or impending rain this week.

What is on your must-have list this month?

My 4th of July Picks

My 4th of July Picks

The three-day holiday weekend is here! Get ready to don your red, white, and blue, spend way too much time outdoors, and enjoy good food and friends. If you need outfit inspiration, I’ve picked out some festive pieces above. Now is the time to break out one of my favorite dresses from Old Navy. Remember this navy eyelet beauty?

This weekend, I will be watching a Long Island Ducks baseball game followed by fireworks on Sunday and hitting the beach on the Fourth to watch more fireworks while having a picnic and sipping on the best lemonade from Trader Joe’s (if you haven’t tried their sparkling French berry lemonade, you’re missing out!). Hooray for long summer weekends.

Have a happy and safe Fourth of July!

Five Things I’m Loving Right Now

Happy Monday, friends! It seems like we were cheers’ing the weekend a mere five minutes ago, doesn’t it? And now, here we are — back to our Monday routines. In the interest of keeping the weekend going a few minutes longer, I’d thought I’d share some things I’m loving at the moment.

OPI Alpine Snow

1. White nail polish: I talked about some of my favorite summer nail polish colors last week, but I finally purchased a white shade from OPI’s line and have been rocking it ever since. While my grandmother may not understand my fondness for the color, Alpine Snow is giving my coral crush a run for its money this season.

Fresh flowers from Trader Joe's

2. Fresh flowers: I always love going to Trader Joe’s and admiring their blooms. They have such pretty flowers. And while I’m not too good about keeping them alive (hence I rarely buy fresh flowers), it’s nice to take in their color and scents while I do my shopping in the store.

Floral sundress from Old Navy

3. Floral sundresses: You may remember this dress from a post I did last year shortly after buying it at Old Navy. Well, this beauty made its official debut at lunch this past Friday. Don’t you just love how well it looks with one of my favorite Snapchat filters?


4. Sangria: Ever since I was in Portugal in 2011, Sangria has been my drink of choice. Nothing is as refreshing in the summer as a nice cold glass of white sangria with lots of fruit!


5. Summer days down at the farm: It has been many years since I’ve called myself an avid equestrian, but lately I’ve been enjoying stopping at the barn and spending an afternoon in the company of equines. This past weekend, after taking my beloved Tim for a walk, I made friends with this guy above who was hoping I had a treat for him!

What are some things you’re loving right now?

Memorial Day Weekend Must-Haves

Memorial Day Weekend Must-Haves

I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited for the long weekend. The weather is supposed to be perfect (read: hitting the beach), there are tons of fun events happening on Long Island, and it’s a long weekend that marks the (unofficial) start of summer. So, what could be better?

Summer starts for me when I have a coral shade of polish on my nails (my favorite is Hot & Spicy from OPI), break out the rompers, and start living in sandals. Check, check, and check!

If you’re looking for wardrobe ideas for the weekend, the simple pieces above can elevate any look. And if you will be hitting the beach, remember to pack the sunblock. Nobody wants to start the summer off with a nasty burn!

I hope you all enjoy the long weekend. I’ll be back on Tuesday, May 31st with a new post!

Wish List Whims

So far, crossing items off my gift list for others isn’t going as planned. But if you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I’ve made headway on my own wish list this month (I mean, list of items for market research). Hello, Old Navy blanket scarf…Anthropologie wrapped feather ring (and gold initial mug)…Mossimo coat from Target…and two new colors from OPI!

Old Navy Blanket Scarf

{The perfect blanket scarf from Old Navy & two new OPI shades to love this season}

Anthropologie Gold Initial Mug

{Finally got the gold initial “V” mug from Anthropologie}

Over-the-Knee Boots from Nordstrom Rack

{Coming to the blog soon….I love it when a package from the Nordstrom Rack appears at the door}

Wristology Watch

{My very first watch…as in, ever!}

Mossimo Coat from Target

{Feeling like Olivia Pope in this Mossimo coat from Target. #Popeworthy}

How’s your gift/wish list coming along?

Navy Number

Old Navy Dress

In case you’ve been keeping score, this would be the second dress I purchased back in March for my trip to California (you can catch up with the first one here). Unfortunately, it never saw the light of day on the West Coast, as a nasty sunburn almost as soon as I arrived foiled any hope I had of wearing a strapless dress on that trip. But all is not lost. This summer on the East Coast has had some scorchers, making it the perfect time to break out an ensemble such as this. Not to mention, in just a few short days the annual Hampton Classic horse show (August 23rd – 30th, for those of you with a countdown of your own) will begin and this outfit might make the cut for the event.

This dress was another find from Old Navy. I thought it would be a great piece to brave the California weather in, and also something that would get a lot of wear come summer. This simple navy number transforms once off the hanger and has a bit more volume to it than may appear at first glance. I love the eyelet detail, the fitted bodice, and the length (since I am petite, that’s an important factor!). If your end of summer plans include a barbecue, family outings, or one last vacation then scoop this dress up while you can for under $25!

Old Navy Eyelet Strapless Dress

Old Navy Eyelet Strapless Dress

Old Navy Eyelet Strapless Dress

Old Navy Eyelet Strapless Dress

Old Navy Eyelet Strapless Dress

Floral Friday

Old Navy Floral Dress

Old Navy Floral Dress

One trend that I’ve been loving for Spring is the floral print. While I may have been a late bloomer adopting prints, I am now obsessed with bold and colorful patterns.

Old Navy Floral Dress

On a recent lunchtime outing (those trips are dangerous, I tell you!), I stopped at Old Navy. The excursion was more for my friend and co-worker who wanted to check out the clearance section for her children, than for me. But of course, I did what I do best and “browsed” the store. Almost immediately I found an array of cute sundresses, and all bets were off. In my head I had already decided that I needed a dress for the Hampton Classic (which isn’t until August, mind you), but had rationalized the purchase by picking one that would work for my upcoming trip to California.

Old Navy Floral Dress

Old Navy Floral Dress

Old Navy Floral Dress

Since trying something on is not my style, I proudly paraded my new love around the store in four different colors until I decided on which one to buy. I chose the while floral dress because it screamed Spring to me, I own practically nothing in white, and it will be classic (and probably get filthy) at the Hampton Classic. Once I managed to try the dress on at home, I was very pleased with my purchase. It will work for countless brunches, day trips, and fancy horse shows…now I just need a hat to complete the look.

Editor’s note: A big thank you to Teresa, my unofficial photographer for the day, who agreed to my crazy idea of having a photo shoot on the beach…in 46 degree weather!