The Life of a Full-Time Blogger

The Full-Time Blogger Life 101

Now that it has been more than a month since I left my day job and embarked on life as a blogger, I think I have a better handle on how to organize my days. There are definitely some pros and cons to working at home, but the good news is that small adjustments can make the cons not seem so bad.

Pro: You are your own boss. One thing I really like is that I am in control of my hours, tasks, and productivity. I don’t mind working 12-hour days if that means I can take a long weekend.

Con: There is no one watching over you. The lack of weekly status meetings and a boss means that you are responsible for getting your work done even when you may feel like sleeping in, taking a long lunch, or spending the afternoon at the beach. As long as you keep track of due dates and deadlines, this is an easy con to combat!

Pro: You get to decide which projects you take on and those you pass on. I like writing about topics I’m passionate about and I enjoy having complete creative freedom over this space on the internet and what I choose to cover.

Con: Lack of a steady paycheck. This is a big one to overcome if you are used to seeing money deposited into your account on a regular basis. The only way to lessen the pain is to know going in that you will see your money dwindling and to have a back up plan like taking on “retainer income,” if necessary (aka a part-time job). Having savings and a cushion from the beginning is crucial!

Pro: You work in a quiet space and have limited distractions. Assuming you are working from your own home and have a designated office space, being your own boss can be very peaceful and you are able to get a lot more accomplished than if you worked in a traditional office. Plus, the kitchen is conveniently located just feet away and you can take as many coffee breaks as you want without co-workers judging you.

Con: Working from home can be isolating and lonely. I’ve said this before, but inanimate objects are a poor substitute for human interaction. If you are used to a collaborative work environment, it can be particularly difficult to adjust to working from home. I’ve found planning lunches in the middle of the day with friends helpful in combating this and noticed that when I return to my home office I am better able to tackle what’s left on my to-do list.

Overall, I enjoy being able to work and write from home. I’ve found myself to be much more productive than I thought I would be thanks to my helpful Day Designer to keep me on track.

Do you have any tips to add or pros and cons of your own?



  1. I am not a full-time blogger, but having worked from home before, I can say that I definitely relate to a lot of these sentiments!! My biggest challenge was staying focused and blocking out my time to actually get things done during the day even though a walk with my dog or “just a couple episodes” of my favorite Netflix show was awfully tempting!

    xo Lacey

    1. I can totally relate, Lacey! My first week at home was hard. I started using my Day Designer, but it was too tempting to cut out early and head to the beach. Now I try to get all my work done in the beginning of the week so if I want to take a long weekend I can.

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