Spooky Sightings

Halloween 2015

{Any guesses as to what I went as this year?}

I hope everyone had a spook-tacular Halloween and got their fill of sweets. For those who have asked to see some throwback photos from my childhood Trick-or-Treating days, you are getting your wish!

Halloween Throwback Pic

{My inner rockstar look}

Halloween Throwback Pic

{I’ve always loved pumpkins}

This was the first year since I was a kid that I dressed up. Even though it was a last-minute decision, and I used items already in my wardrobe (except for the orange hat that I snagged at Target the night before), I enjoyed handing out candy in costume to the Trick-or-Treaters. An adorable kid dressed as Batman even complimented my hat and the painted pumpkins I had by the door!


Halloween 2015

Halloween 2015

Halloween 2015

{Notice my skull earrings!}

Did you do anything exciting for Halloween?



  1. Love the last minute costume. You look great. I love the photos from when you were younger. I did not dress up this year. Chicago’s Halloween this year was pouring rain and cold. The day before and after were beautiful out. Today it is sunny and 70. Go figure!


  2. Aww, lovely costume! Fun photos, too… the shadow one is cool…and the ones of you as a kiddo are so cute!! I had a blast on Halloween! I hope you take a look at my post today and read about it! In short, though, the BF and I headed downtown (Chicago!) and partied it up in the city. Was a very fun weekend down there!

    Happy November!

    All the Cute
    Todayโ€™s Post: Grey Riding Boots & Marled Tunic Sweater (Peek at my costume from Halloween, too!)

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