Long Island Restaurant Week: Del Fuego

Happy Friday! What better way to finish off the week than by talking about food? That’s a topic we all love! You may recall my teaser post earlier in the week. But if you missed it, Long Island Restaurant Week is going on n-o-w. If you are a fellow Long Islander, or happen to find yourself stranded here for a few days, check out the list of participating restaurants and try one!

I take full advantage of this event when it is held in the fall and spring. Where else could you get a three-course meal for $27.95 per person?

First up this week was Del Fuego. I was turned on to this place in my last job, and it quickly became a favorite spot for lunch. With three locations, two of which are new, you can visit Del Fuego in St. James, Patchogue, and Babylon.

Whether you opt to try Del Fuego for lunch or dinner, you will leave happy. I’ve taken many friends out for a meal here and they have all left saying the same thing: “Wow!” Their extensive menu can satisfy even the most discerning foodie…but the only problem most people have is deciding which dish to try first.

I’m a creature of habit, so when I saw that my beloved lobster quesadillas were being offered on the Restaurant Week menu, I knew I had to pay Del Fuego a visit. And since I had never been to their location in Patchogue, it counts as visiting a new restaurant. Right?

Del Fuego - Bacon Ranch Quesadilla

Let’s start off with the appetizers. What I love about Restaurant Week is that I get to try new dishes. Del Fuego’s portions were perfectly sized to accommodate the fact that you will be eating a three-course meal. For starters, I ordered the bacon ranch quesadillas, complete with mesquite grilled chicken, applewood bacon, chipotle-ranch dressing, and melted cheddar jack. I wasn’t initially too excited about this dish because it’s something I make at home (sans bacon), but the flavors in each bite blew me away. The bacon enhanced the overall taste of the quesadilla and the chicken was sweet and tender. The four little quesadillas were just the right size to leave you still craving your entrée.

Del Fuego - Lobster Quesadilla

For my entrée, I ordered the lobster quesadilla (what a surprise!), with lobster sautéed in a chipotle-honey butter, grilled corn, scallions, and Mexican cheese. Del Fuego does not skimp on the lobster — my quesadilla was stuffed. The addition of corn and scallions (which I opt to have on the side) completes this dish. Again, I’ve made lobster quesadillas at home, and they certainly don’t taste like they do at Del Fuego. You must try this dish. Maybe they can give me the secret recipe?

Here’s where it gets interesting. I guess I was going through a Del Fuego withdrawal, as I ate there not once, but twice in the same week. Because it’s that good, folks! I ordered the exact same dishes on both occasions — with the exception of dessert.

Del Fuego - Churro

{Dessert #1}

Del Fuego - Warm Chocolate Brownie

{Dessert #2}

On the first visit, I ordered the churros served with Mexican chocolate ice cream. I haven’t had a churro in years, so that was a treat. And for the second visit, I ordered the brownie with salted caramel ice cream. I wasn’t prepared for such a huge brownie — which in some cases could be considered an entire pan — to be placed down in front of me. But that’s just what I got. The brownie was soft and warm, but the salted caramel ice cream was what made the dessert stand out.

Del Fuego - Sangria

Oh, and how could I forget the best part? I know, you’re thinking, but Vanessa, you already dished on the dessert. Del Fuego has some of most delicious sangria I’ve ever tasted (outside of Portugal, of course!). No meal there would be complete without a glass of white sangria. If only they would bottle and sell their sangria, my summer would be complete.

So even though my visit to Del Fuego wasn’t really a new gustatory experience, it’s nice to go out and know that you will be enjoying an amazing meal. And that’s always what Del Fuego is.

Del Fuego does not accept reservations, but I’ve never had a tremendously long wait to be seated. But if you do, it’s worth every second.



    1. Thanks, Courtney! I love Restaurant Week. I first got into it when I was a student in DC. It was a great way to try out restaurants in the DC area that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford on a students budget. I’m glad Long Island has Restaurant Week every fall and spring. Hope you get to experience it for yourself at some point!

  1. This place looks amazing, girl! I’m a sucker for quesadillas, as well as anything with seafood, so that lobster quesadilla looks and sounds beyond delicious! I tend to only be in Long Island during the summer, since we always go to Robert Moses, but my hubby does have family in Babylon, so I’ll have to keep this place in mind when visiting or perhaps a reason to visit?! Haha! Thanks so much for sharing, beauty, and I hope you have an amazing weekend!



    1. Definitely visit Del Fuego, if you’re in Babylon! I love quesadilla’s and seafood, too. And this place delivers on both! I hope you have a great weekend (and you get to go to Del Fuego soon!).

  2. I love restaurant week! It’s such a great way to eat an affordable meal at sometimes pricier restaurants 🙂 All your food looks soo good. The lobster quesadilla? Yes please! Also the churro + ice cream looks absolutely delectable!


    1. Isn’t Restaurant Week the best, Mili? The lobster quesadillas are delicious — and definitely my favorite dish to order at Del Fuego. The desserts were pretty impressive, too!

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