Long Island Restaurant Week: George Martin’s Strip Steak

George Martin's Strip Steak

Can we have a moment of silence, please? Long Island Restaurant Week has come to an end — leftovers are dwindling, the fridge is looking sad, and I’m left scratching my head each night as I try to answer the dreaded question of “what’s for dinner?”

You could say Restaurant Week spoiled me with delicious three-course meals and decadent desserts.

Now that my portions have returned to more realistic limits, I thought I would share another restaurant I visited last week. If you are a long-time reader of this site, you may have heard me mention George Martin The Original before. Ever since I was a child, this restaurant has held a special place in my heart — and provided my belly with a lot of good food. Thankfully, what started with George Martin The Original has morphed into a chain of eating establishments in Nassau and Suffolk County. From burgers to filet mignon, you’ll find it at one of George Martin’s restaurants.

I was thrilled when I found George Martin’s Strip Steak in Great River, New York, overlooking the idyllic Connetquot River. The converted residential house is quaint and charming, sitting on a block with multi-million dollar homes. I’ve been to Strip Steak before for other Restaurant Week meals, and it is a restaurant that lives up to its reputation. If you are on Long Island and looking for a restaurant with a lot of character, you should make reservations here!

Gam Strip Steak - Chili Pop Shrimp

For my appetizer I ordered the chili pop shrimp, which was flash-fried and tossed in a sweet and spicy Thai chili sauce. There were a fair amount of petite shrimp for an appetizer, and the flavor was exactly as described on the menu — the perfect blend of sweet and spicy. I’m no fan of spice, so I appreciated that it was not overwhelming in this dish. My only critique would be that I found the sauce to be slightly on the heavy side, where it overpowered the shrimp. But that was nothing a knife couldn’t help remove!

GM Strip Steak - Flat Iron Steak

My entrée was a 12oz USDA prime flat iron steak with grilled Vidalia onions, merlot demi, garlic roasted mashed potatoes, and broccoli. If there is one thing George Martin knows how to do well, it is cook a steak. You almost could have eaten the tender meat sans knife! The portion was large — and easily became a second meal.

GM Strip Steak -  Chocolate Mousse

Of course, a meal is never complete without dessert (and if you know me, you know I judge a menu on the desserts). Strip Steak offered a chocolate mousse, which I normally don’t get too excited over. But this was no ordinary mousse. It was thick, creamy, and very filling. By the time I got to the last spoonful, I was stuffed (and thankful I was going to my kickboxing class the next day).

Overall, I was very pleased with my two meals at Del Fuego and dinner at George Martin’s Strip Steak. Now I will spend the rest of the month burning them off!



  1. So nice that you got to enjoy restaurant week! I used to love going in NYC when my college friends and I lived there, it was a great excuse to try new fancy places our 22 year old salaries didn’t ordinarily allow. Glad you enjoyed LI’s own version!

    1. Isn’t Restaurant Week the best, Christina?! I started going when I was a college student in DC — and couldn’t afford the really fancy restaurants that I wanted to eat at. I’m so glad when I moved back to LI after college they started having Restaurant Week in the fall and spring!

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