Monday Mantra: Inspiration from Instagram

I’ve heard a lot about the comparison game when it comes to blogging and social media. When you’re going through various platforms and you start scrolling through all of the gorgeous images of houses, places, and things, you may start to wonder, “Why doesn’t my life look like that?”

Lately, when I have been scrolling through my feed, I have found myself pausing more — but not to get a better look at a photo. I want to stop and read the text or quote. Often, the words are profound, resonating with me so much that I decided to take a screenshot so they could live on infinitely in my camera roll.

Today I am sharing the words I’ve found while scrolling. I hope these words inspire you on this Monday as much as they did me.

instagram inspiration 2

{Image via @thecompanyinspire}

instagram inspiration 1

{Image via @laurenlearnslife}

worrier pose

{Image via @gemmacorell}

instagram inspiration 4

{Image via @talkthyroid}

instagram inspiration 3

{Image via @calm}

What are some of your favorite inspirational Instagram accounts to follow?



  1. This was such a fun read! I love your style of writing !! Maybe you can take a look at my blog and I’d be happy to exchange likes we actually like of eachothers and a follow

  2. I’m completely new to Instagram and I have to say that so far, it has inspired me to try some new recipes. Have you seen the smoothie bowls on there? Lots of lovely inspiration! Angharad x

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