Monday Mantra: Patience and Fortitude

New York Public Library Lions

This weekend was trying. Despite my best efforts to remain calm after receiving alarming results on my most recent blood work (of course, on a Saturday), my plans of resting and relaxing after my weekly kickboxing class quickly went out the window.

After pacing around the house for a couple of hours trying to interpret the results, I was reminded of the lion statues in front of the New York Public Library. I actually didn’t know that they had names until yesterday. But when I learned they were named Patience and Fortitude, I knew those were strengths that I would need to get me through the week: patience while waiting for my upcoming appointment with my endocrinologist on Thursday and fortitude as I continue on my health journey.

If you have never been to the New York Public Library, two majestic lion statues at the entrance greet you upon your arrival. Although the lions have gone by a few names, in the 1930’s Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia named them Patience and Fortitude to embody the values that New Yorkers needed during the Great Depression. If you visit the library during the holidays, you might catch these beautiful statues adorned with a wreath.

So as I prepare for a week that will be filled with anxiety and worry, I know that Patience and Fortitude have my back — even if they are only marble lion statues!



  1. Dear Vanessa, this is a wonderful post – I wish the best for your health and positive mindset! 😄

    I do agree that both Patience and Fortitude are tremendous virtues and I am exercising them on a daily basis while building my dream life. I love your blog, thank you for inspiring me – have a nice day Vanessa! 😎

  2. I’m glad you have the “idea” of Patience & Fortitude. You need to also remember the people in your life are there & when you need them you need to let them know. I am here for you!

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