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Yesterday I went into New York City with Kate of Taffeta & Tulips for the Louis Verdad show. I knew little about the designer beforehand, but after viewing the showroom, I fell in love with the entire collection. Think of lots of denim, pleated skirts, and lace detail. I will be sharing a recap with plenty of photos later in the week.

After the show, Kate and I grabbed lunch at Seven Bistro, at 350 7th Ave in Midtown. The restaurant was quiet when we arrived, which made it easy to admire the swanky décor. The two grand chandeliers that greet you when you enter are impressive. I couldn’t take my eyes off of them for the entire meal.

But the highlight of the day might have been Kate showing me the in’s and out’s of Instagram Stories. Sorry for being late to the party on this one, but I’ve now gotten the hang of it – and might be as addicted to it as I am with Snapchat. Head over to my Instagram Stories and Snapchat (@livinginsteil) for more from my day in New York City!

Here’s a quick recap:

Louis Verdad NYFW

{Lous Verdad at New York Fashion Week}

NYFW Location

{A gorgeous location for a fashion show}

Sunflowers in NYC

{Sunflowers in the City}

Seven Bistro - NYC

{Lunch with Kate at Seven Bistro}

New York City

{Street style in NYC}



    1. Thanks, Joyce! I am loving Insta Stories–although it is just as addicting as Snapchat. I’ll be sharing more about NYFW week week on the blog — including what I wore — so stay tuned!

  1. So glad we met up! I agree. The collection was beautiful. I especially loved the white trench and the boho butterfly print dress. Your pic from from Seven Bistro is pinterest worthy! You really captured the decor in this shot!

    Taffeta & Tulips

    1. Thanks, Kate! I always love getting together with you. That butterfly print dress was one of my faves from the collection, too. You did a great job picking out the restaurant — not only for the food, but also the decor.

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