Weekend Plans

Monday Mantra: The Art of Tidying Up

Weekend Plans

Although I never read Marie Kondo’s book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” my experience this past weekend was an eye-opener. You never realize how much stuff you have until you go through your home room-by-room and begin to declutter. That’s exactly what I started to do over the weekend, and boy, was it a chore. As if my back didn’t already hurt after a long work week, spending an entire Sunday “tidying up” surely did it no favors.

But I learned an important lesson in the process—I have a lot of (unnecessary) stuff. As I went through clothing I haven’t worn in years, old textbooks from college, and assorted possessions that I had long forgotten about, I thought of Kondo’s book—and how I need to read it so I can simplify my belongings.

While I don’t consider myself a pack-rat by any means, certain articles of clothing have hung around for longer than they should have because they reminded me of a certain time in my life. As I began to go through a dresser filled with things I haven’t worn in years, it made me realize that I could probably learn a thing or two from Kondo’s book.

I am happy to report that after a full day of straightening out, I have made progress in the organizational department. But now I’m left wondering where my weekend went?

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Monday Mantra: Enjoy the Quiet

Monday Mantra

I expected this weekend to be a busy one. On Saturday, I followed my usual morning workout routine and in the afternoon I scheduled some unexpected “me” time at Aveda in anticipation of seeing a couple of New York Fashion Week shows on Sunday. Weather reports were showing inclement weather for New York City, but I prepared myself for a fun day in the Big Apple regardless.

But when I awoke on Sunday morning and checked the weather, it was looking dismal. I could hear the freezing rain hitting the windows and the driveway looked like a sheet of ice. I waited it out for another hour and checked the trains for any delays—they were minimal.

I lay in bed for a few more minutes, debating between meeting a fellow blogger and friend for brunch in the City before we hit two fashion shows on the Lower West Side, or staying in bed and going back to sleep. I wondered if I didn’t go, would I regret the decision and have FOMO if the weather improved and I saw everyone having a great time at NYFW on Snapchat and Instagram? And then I thought of how tired and achy I would feel on Monday morning after a busy weekend and lots of walking in the City.

As I listened to the sound of the relentless rain—which was starting to change over from sleet—I decided that the only thing I should listen to is my body. It has been through a lot recently with the thyroid levels still being in limbo and adjusting to healthier eating habits.

Having made my decision not to make the almost two hour trek in to the City, I curled back under the covers and was lulled to sleep by the elements. When I awoke for the second time, it was after 11 am. The weather was the same (and remained so throughout the day) and I found myself feeling thankful to have just stayed put.

Usually, after a whole day in the house I am itching to get out. But on that dreary Sunday, it felt like the best place in the world to be. I tried to limit my time on social media, talking to friends on the phone, and watching television. It was the perfect day to give my body the rest it needed so that I can be fully recharged for the week ahead. Sometimes you need that respite.

Happy Monday!

How do you enjoy the quiet?

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Counting the Clouds


Over Memorial Day weekend, I did something I haven’t done in years. No, I’m not talking about returning all of my recent purchases, skipping the trip to get ice cream, or beginning to tackle my lengthy to-do list that I swore to myself I would start. What I did was simple — it involved no money or material things.

While catching up with a friend and spending some time in the good old outdoors with her dog, I laid in the grass and just looked up at the sky. It may sound silly, but it is something I used to do as a child. Remember those days? When life was easier and the highlight was getting to play tag with your friends after school? I miss those days. And while sitting on the beach comes close to evoking the same feelings, there was something about laying on the grass and watching the sparse cloud pattern that brought back a certain peace for me. I could have stayed there for hours — my face under the warm, bright sun and my hands gliding over the sharp blades of grass. In those moments under the sky, I let my mind go blank and my thoughts wander. It was probably one of the most relaxing things I have done, and yet I never would have thought to do it as an adult.

So, now that another weekend is upon us, how will you choose to unwind from the week? Even if it is only a few minutes, do one thing that brings you joy. See an old friend you’ve been meaning to call, spend some time reading that book you’ve been reaching for, or do nothing but watch the clouds pass.

Whatever you do, I hope you have a great weekend!

Waiting for the Weekend


I wish I could say that I had a fabulous week, but I spent most of it at home and in bed. No, this wasn’t a scheduled staycation. I woke up Monday feeling awful and was sick for most of the week. Normally, I try to push through and go to work when I’m sick (which I did on Monday morning), but this time I felt it best to just let my body rest (and I thought it was much nicer than getting anybody else sick). I tried to use the time productively…and to rest, of course! Thanks to Sudafed, I managed to get through both work and personal emails. I’ve decided to take it easy this weekend, in the hopes that I will be as good as new by next week!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Waiting for the Weekend

As another week comes to a close I can say with absolute certainty that I have been counting the seconds to Friday since Monday. This has felt like a never-ending-week–and when you hope every day is Thursday all week, you can imagine my disappointment!

Frank Melville Park - Setauket, NY

{Yes, those are turtles on that log!}

One highlight was visiting the Frank Melville Park in Setauket during my lunch break mid-week. The peaceful setting almost made me forget about the lengthy to-do list I had waiting for me when I returned to the office.

Now that the weekend is about to make its debut, I am looking forward to some much needed down-time – with no plans and nothing on the agenda except maybe a visit to the spa at Danfords Hotel and Marina (a mani/pedi never hurt anyone! ). Even though the 400+ emails currently sitting in my inbox will probably still be there on Monday, I am eagerly awaiting my well deserved quiet weekend.

Happy Friday!

September’s Surprise

West Neck Beach

Just when I thought my beach days were over for 2014, September delivers two beautiful, sunny days for me to enjoy! I am happy to report that I took full advantage of both days – spending time in the sun, catching up with a friend, and remembering how much fun it is to get caught in the rain at the beach.

This weekend was exactly what I needed to prepare for a busy upcoming week. I’ve always found a day at the beach to be calming, and this weekend was no exception. On Saturday, the humidity broke by mid-afternoon, but it still felt more like August than September. Although the beach was not as crowded as usual, plenty of people came out to soak up the sun. The water was warm, but the small waves in the bay were indicative of a storm brewing. I used the time to take some of my last photos of West Neck Beach for the season.

West Neck Beach 2

West Neck Beach 3

West Neck Beach 4

Around 4 p.m., the sky changed from a light blue to pink, and then grey. The once sunny, hot day turned dark and cool in a matter of minutes. It has been many years since I’ve gotten caught in a storm at the beach, but as the first rain drops fell I was reminded of running for cover under the boardwalk in Long Beach as a child. The rain lasted mere minutes, but it was enough to send people fleeing to their cars. By the time I collected my belongings, the beach was empty. The sky began to return to its beautiful summer glory, but I was ready to say goodbye to West Neck.

West Neck Beach 5

West Neck Beach 6

Sunday was equally beautiful, although cooler. It was the perfect day to get in one last stand-up paddle boarding session in Port Jefferson harbor. Despite all the activities going on in Port Jeff, the water was calm and quiet. The perfect way to spend a morning. After paddle boarding (if you’ve been paying attention, you might know what’s coming!) brunch at Sweet ‘n’ Savory was next. I had worked up an appetite and only a cannoli crêpe would suffice!

Happy Monday!

Catching Up….


Typically my weekends consist of the three B’s: beaching, brunching, and browsing. This weekend I decided to stay put and enjoy the two R’s–rest and relaxation – and attend to tasks that I have been putting off. The weather only served as encouragement and further solidified my decision to remain indoors. With cloudy skies, cool temperatures, and intermittent showers, I didn’t feel like I was missing out on a precious summer weekend.

Last week was a hectic one that left me feeling drained, both mentally and physically. Not even my Emergen-C drinks and Starbucks kick could remedy it. It’s so pleasant to be out and about when the weather is warm and the sun shinning that sometimes I forget that I need to rest and re-charge for the upcoming week. I honestly can’t remember the last time I stayed in and had no plans. It was refreshing to snooze in bed late, enjoy brunch at home, and leisurely catch up on some reading. My inbox was full of newsletters I had been meaning to peruse as well as emails I needed to answer. Aside from taking care of some necessary business, like cleaning the house, I forgot how nice it could be just to enjoy a quiet space. It was a good time to reflect and review how I’ve spent my summer days, look for more inspiration for my home office, and just let my body dictate how productive I would be.

One thing that I always forget when I get busy is to take care of myself. I get pulled in so many directions during the week that sometimes it’s okay to just have a day to myself, with no plans…no expectations…and no demands.

Now that I have had some time to decompress, I feel like I am ready to tackle a new week and set some objectives. My goal for this week is to carve out an hour for myself in the form of a mid-day yoga class…and maybe kick (cut back?) my Starbucks addiction!

Waiting for the Weekend


While another long, humid summer week comes to a close (can you believe it’s almost July already?), I am again grateful that my favorite two days are upon us. This week, a couple of things happened. First, I received the results of my most recent blood test checking my thyroid levels, and I can happily report that everything looks good and all my levels are where they should be. At my last appointment with my endocrinologist in April, I was less than pleased to hear that he wanted to increase my Synthroid dose from 100 to 112 mcg. I felt decent on 100 mcg, but gave in and actually feel slightly better on the higher dose (my apologies, doctor, for being so stubborn!). Second, I managed to carve out an hour on Wednesday to squeeze in some “me” time and attend a yoga class on my lunch break. The past few months have been hectic, and I’m afraid this little Yogini was not as dedicated to her practice as she should have been. But I’m back on track now, and the class was just what I needed to help melt some of the stress away.

This weekend I am really looking forward to attending The Gold Coast Classic, a horse show at Old Field Farm, LTD. The stables are located in Setauket, NY, across from West Meadow Beach. They have recently been undergoing quite the transformation and are being restored into a beautiful show ground. I was an avid equestrian for about twenty years, and although my life at the moment does not allow time to ride a horse, I still enjoy going to shows as a spectator. Ever since I graduated college and moved back to Long Island, I have made The Hampton Classic in August an end-of-summer tradition. I am looking forward to attending again this year — and stopping at my favorite C Wonder store in Southampton.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Happy Friday!

Stylish Swimwear


Now that I wrote my serious post for the week (thank you for all the comments and well wishes!), I’d like to lighten the mood a little and celebrate the lovely weather. Although it has been slightly more humid than I would prefer, it is a welcome relief to the cool chill and rain that was in the air last week.

My weekend shaped up as planned – and there was brunch and beach – but the best part was my shopping excursion at H&M. I try to stop at the store at least once a season, and was pleasantly surprised by what I saw during my most recent visit.

I have a few bathing suits that, like my American University towel, have become my favorite summer staples. Since I spent most of last summer out of the sun thanks to my thyroidectomy, and when I did see the beach for sanity I was grossly over dressed, I decided to celebrate the summer of 2014 with a few indulgent swimwear purchases.

The first one that caught my eye was a striped navy and white nautical suit. I loved that it offered a pop of bright color with the ties – and I’m sure it will look great with a tan!

Next, I tried on a strapless navy suit. The color was slightly darker than most of my other summer attire, but what really caught my eye was the ruching on the top.

I wish I could say that was all that I found to buy at H&M, but I must admit there were a few dresses that I just could not pass up. Look for them to make their debut sometime later in the week!

Waiting for the Weekend


This week has been long, stressful, exhausting… (insert any other adjective you feel is appropriate). The other day, I decided to try a body burn class. Although it was only half an hour, it was the most tiring 30 minutes of my life. I have to hand it to the instructor–she really crammed an entire body workout into a small amount of time.

Needless to say, I am thankful that the weekend is upon us and I feel I have earned some well deserved rest and relaxation. My weekend agenda is usually occupied with trying to accomplish things I have no time to do during the week, yet I can’t help but want to hit up the beach when I hear predictions calling for a nice day. Since we have been inundated with rain all week, it would be nice to see sand, sea, and of course, a little bit of sun!

Here’s what I predict my weekend will look like:

– Retail therapy at H&M (possibly Vine & Roses and The Loft for good measure!)

– Brunch with a good friend

– Morning yoga class

– A trip to the beach

Happy Friday!