Watch Your Style

How do you keep track of time? Unlike other accessories, a watch needs to be both chic and functional. It’s a simple everyday item, but a good watch can elevate any style. When I was introduced to Invaluable, the world’s largest online auction marketplace, I decided to design a look around one of their men’s watches. I knew it would need to be a piece that could go from desk to dinner and withstand anything in between. If you are unfamiliar with Invaluable, they aren’t strictly a place to find high-end watches. Their auction items include antiques, art, jewelry, and other collectibles.

Cartier Watch -

For my look, I was inspired to find a watch that was borrowed from the boys, but still elegant enough for a woman to wear. Naturally, Cartier came to mind. A pioneer in fine jewelry since 1847, Cartier has a reputation for quality and perfection that is hard to match. Take a look at the Ballon Bleu pictured above. It is everything a woman could want in a watch – it’s stylish, sleek, and an exquisite piece of jewelry. Perfect for the office, nights out, or just the everyday, this watch will complement any outfit — while keeping you prompt!

Watch Your Style

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  1. I love that evening look!
    My husband just asked me last night is a watch supposed to be functional or stylish? Definitely both was my answer…..guess I”m getting a watch for Christmas

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