Spring Shopping

Spring Shopping

You know those days where you open your closet, stare deep within its limits (for five…or ten minutes), only to shake your head in disbelief. You have a closet full of nothing to wear! That’s exactly the sentiment I was left with on Friday, after tearing my wardrobe apart in search of a suitable ensemble for lunch with a friend. And did I mention the temperature was in the 70’s?

With nothing promising on the horizon, I jumped in my car and headed to the nearest Target (because Target always helps a girl out in a jam!).

After less than 15 minutes of shopping, here’s what I’ve added to my closet:

Graphic tank: Nothing gets me in the mood for a Saturday morning kickboxing class like a sassy tank top. Mine actually reads, “Today’s workout is sponsored by coffee.” Appropriate for a 10:00 am weekend fitness class, don’t you think? Target has a great line of graphic tanks, and they are incredibly soft, too.

Marimekko top — Appelsiini Print: You know how much I love Target’s latest Marimekko collaboration, right? You can see more of my picks from the collection, here. I had to splurge on at least one (okay, maybe two) pieces. And this blue shirt (seen in the middle of the top row) was a clear winner! Come summer, I could easily see it pairing with white jeans.

Speaking of white jeans…My first pair of white Mossimo jeans are three years old and starting to show their age. After what felt like an eternity, searching for the perfect pair of white jeans and about to give up, I found a pair of Mossimo skinny jeggings on a random rack, mixed in with a bunch of larger sizes. Leave it to me to find the one unmarked pair of jeans that happened to be my size.

Chambray shirt: I’ve long loved the chambray look, but couldn’t justify buying a chambray shirt during the winter. Of course, with the arrival of spring, the one I want has been hard to find, but I snagged the last one in my size from Mossimo — and I’ve been wearing it ever since. I could live in this shirt. Oh, wait, I practically have!

Marimekko one-piece swimsuit — Lokki Print: Since one item from Marimekko just wouldn’t suffice, I had to buy a swimsuit as well. Can you believe that this is the first one-piece swimsuit I’ve ever purchased? Well, it’s true. Unfortunately, I bought the suit in an extra small, which looked like it would fit, but when I tried it on at home it was tight. Target was out of my size when I went to exchange it, so this purchase is on hold. If you’re interested in purchasing a Marimekko suit, might I suggest sizing up!

No shopping haul would be complete without a stop at Nordstrom Rack, where I snagged my latest obsession — capri workout pants with mesh panels. I’ve been trying to get my hands on this trend for a while, and I like the feel of capris when I work out. The pair I purchased from Zella was ideal — and has already survived their first kickboxing class.

So there you have my buys for the month. With a closet slightly fuller, I think I’m ready to tackle spring!

Any wardrobe confessions you want to make? New purchases to dish about? Or spring staples we all need to know about? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!



  1. You’ve got some really pretty pieces, girlie! I LOVE your graphic tank, Marimekko shirt and that fab bathing suit, especially! It’s crazy, I don’t believe I own any clothing pieces from Target. Gasp, I know! I think the reason is that the nearest Target is really out of the way for me, so I don’t go often and when I do, it’s usually for something specific and I’m in and out. I really need to stop by and check out their graphic tees because I didn’t know they had such a wide selection of them! I actually headed to Marshalls this past Friday to get a few and of course I want more, haha, they’re perfect for the weekends! Thanks so much for sharing, beauty, I’m glad you were able to get your hands on a couple of pieces from the Marimekko collab and I hope you have a very happy Monday!



    1. Thanks, Jalisa! I should probably be banned from Target. I go in for one thing, and leave with way more than I planned on buying. My trip on Friday was no exception — but I’m happy with all of my purchases. You should definitely check Target out more often. I love Mossimo — which is a brand they carry — and I probably own every piece ever made. The fit is fabulous, and the price is very reasonable. Hope your week is off to a great start!

    1. Thanks, Rachel! Isn’t that bathing suit cute? I love the pattern, and it came with a cute little black belt to finish off the look. Now, if only I can get it in my size.

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