Fitness Fashion: Anthropologie

Anthropologie Laser-Cut Leggings

I swear my workouts are better when cute clothing is involved. In a post earlier this week, I mentioned that I purchased a new pair of Anthropologie leggings. I had been eyeing the laser-cut beauties (similar here) for quite some time, but couldn’t justify splurging on more workout attire.

Over the Fourth of July weekend that changed. I stopped at the mall to run a few errands and, against my better judgment, I dropped in at Anthropologie (which, if nothing else, gives me great decor ideas!). I have to admit, I dread browsing the sale racks — they’re in the back of the store and the room is usually packed with people grabbing at discounted pieces before your eyes can even comprehend what you’re looking at. But on this trip, I was in no particular hurry. My eyes immediately spotted the grey and coral laser-cut pants, and to my delight, there were two pairs — an x-small and a small. I tried on the x-small and they fit perfectly.

Anthropologie Laser-Cut Leggings

This purchase was one of the highlights of my Fourth of July weekend. I ended up scoring the leggings on sale for under $15. Just this week, I wore them to my kickboxing class and not only did they perform well, but I received tons of compliments.

This just goes to show that patience is a virtue…and it pays off when shopping!



  1. Looking good. Yes that’s so true. What’s meant for you is meant for you. The legging looks super comfortable and stylish.

  2. I feel the same way about spending a lot on workout clothes, but it is so true, i always feel like i perform better when working out. Its an entire confidence booster! I really like your blog, i just started mine and would love it if you checked it out and let me know what you think!

  3. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I related to this post. For some reason having those cute workout clothes does make your workout better! Plus it’s a fun way to have an extension of your personal style everyday!

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