Stylish Swimwear


Now that I wrote my serious post for the week (thank you for all the comments and well wishes!), I’d like to lighten the mood a little and celebrate the lovely weather. Although it has been slightly more humid than I would prefer, it is a welcome relief to the cool chill and rain that was in the air last week.

My weekend shaped up as planned – and there was brunch and beach – but the best part was my shopping excursion at H&M. I try to stop at the store at least once a season, and was pleasantly surprised by what I saw during my most recent visit.

I have a few bathing suits that, like my American University towel, have become my favorite summer staples. Since I spent most of last summer out of the sun thanks to my thyroidectomy, and when I did see the beach for sanity I was grossly over dressed, I decided to celebrate the summer of 2014 with a few indulgent swimwear purchases.

The first one that caught my eye was a striped navy and white nautical suit. I loved that it offered a pop of bright color with the ties – and I’m sure it will look great with a tan!

Next, I tried on a strapless navy suit. The color was slightly darker than most of my other summer attire, but what really caught my eye was the ruching on the top.

I wish I could say that was all that I found to buy at H&M, but I must admit there were a few dresses that I just could not pass up. Look for them to make their debut sometime later in the week!



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