Workout Wardrobe

Workout Wardrobe

Athleta cashmere top

Athleta blue tank

Athleta green vest

Athleta cotton jacket

Athleta clothing

Athleta blue tight

Athleta clothing

Athleta panty

Athleta sportswear

Athleta activewear

Athleta gym bag

Smartwool loop scarf

It’s October 1st and my 30-day healthy eating challenge is under way. Along with being healthy on the inside comes keeping active and fit. One way I do that is through yoga classes. I have been doing yoga for over a year and I love its restorative benefits to both mind and body. But even though yoga is all about inner peace, I still want to look good while I’m on the mat.

One store I can always count on for quality workout clothes is Athleta. Their chic yoga line makes it virtually impossible to leave the store without a handful of new items (and serious damage to your credit card!). And if yoga is not your thing, they probably have you covered for other activities as well.



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