Sweater (Dress) Weather

Sweater (Dress) Weather

Winter is coming. Whether you like to deny it — as I do — or you enjoy colder temperatures, the fact is that snow will soon blanket the ground (it’s already there in many parts of the country!). So the time has come to put away the mid-weight fall dresses and opt for something more cold weather friendly. But since I refuse to bid adieu to my dress habit completely until the spring, a good option is the sweater dress.

I have struggled with finding the perfect sweater dress. After all, the criteria can be demanding: it must be of the right length, not clingy or frumpy, itch-free, and yes, office appropriate, too. H&M and Banana Republic are wonderful options for the elusive sweater dress. They offer a wide selection and have plenty of styles to choose from.

Once the winter rolls around, I prefer the more muted tones of black and grey (although if you saw my closet, you could argue those shades aren’t reserved for just the chilly season!). A color-blocked sweater dress is a great way to break up the monotone look, or you can stick to a neutral tone and style it with a belt and bold accessories.

Whatever your preference, a sweater dress is essential for the cold weather – and don’t forget the tights and boots to complete the look!


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