Packing in Style

Packing in Style

Lately, every purchase has originated from the question, “Can I wear it in California?” Unfortunately, the answer is usually “Yes!” Since that has been the trend, I now own a lot of new sundresses and swimsuits that will be accompanying me on my much-needed getaway.

Now comes the fun part. How do I pack all of these clothes without needing to spend a day ironing? Well, I will be taking along my trusty hardshell four-wheel suitcase so that should make life a little easier.

But let’s recap some of my recent purchases that will make their debut in sunny Cali.

Mossimo Maxi Dress: This maxi dress from Mossimo was love at first sight. Target had a great selection of colors and prints, so it was hard to buy only one. Since I am petite, this is actually my first maxi purchase, but with a pair of wedges I think this may just become my signature look for the summer.

Swimsuits: H&M is my go-to for swimwear. I refuse to spend big money on swimsuits that I only get to wear for a few months at most. And by the next summer, I usually prefer a different style. For the money, you can’t go wrong with H&M’s swim line. I have many suits from them and they have actually held up well. In keeping with my print obsession, I loved the ruffled floral number when I spotted it. And since I can’t turn away anything with “bling,” how could I say “no” to a dark grey, embellished swimsuit?

Mossimo Lace Shorts: These were an impulse buy, but I have no regrets. I have been loving the lace look in the summer, and these darling shorts courtesy of Target will easily go from brunch to beach.

H&M Dress: I just couldn’t pass up this black and white striped dress with Peter Pan collar. Its adorable shape and dressy feel made this an instant hit in my book. This dress is perfect for the office with a blazer, and works well with or without tights making it a great transitional piece for spring.



  1. Have an amazing time, When I went to California with my best friends, we all over packed but it didn;t matter since we all ended up trading outfits in the end. Have a great time.


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